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The I2P Wiki

Welcome to the I2P Ugha's wiki. A collection of user edited material. Some is old, some new, some unstructured, some perfect. Help yourself!

News about this Wiki:

  • 2015-10 New wiki eepsite: As was down from may 2015 to 2015-10-30, a new wiki was launch: It is running on MediaWiki.

  • 2015-05 New pages: Tails.

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I2P news:

  • The I2P 0.9.19 release has several fixes and improvements for floodfill performance. Several of you saw high CPU usage after 0.9.18 was released. This was caused by a combination of increased encryption usage, the big influx of Vuze users into the network, reduced floodfills due to tighter performance requirements, and some longstanding bugs. Things should be a lot better after most of the network has updated. As always, the best way to reduce CPU usage is to lower your bandwidth limits. -- Release summary

  • Load on network. The network has seen rapid growth in the last few days due to new Vuze users. This has caused some high-bandwidth routers to use a high amount of CPU. While we think the worst is over, if you are still seeing issues, the best way to reduce CPU usage is to reduce your bandwidth limits. We're working on fixes for our next release, and you can help by testing a recent development build which is available on -- I2P news

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About this Wiki

Remember: this is a Wiki; You can add/change information that does not exist, is out of date, or incorrect.

This wiki eepsite is operated by: UghaBugha.

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